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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Why do you have both Used Golf Balls and Fireworks on your website?

Our primary focus for this website is selling Used Golf Balls. Since our retail store sells both, our long term goal is to provide some information about the fireworks we sell in the retail store. We plan to have pictures, descriptions and even movies of the fireworks. Due to legal reasons we will most likely not be able to accept any fireworks orders for shipment from this website. Maybe one day we will be able to accept fireworks orders here for In-Store pickup only. That way if you know you will be vacationing near or driving by our store we can have your order ready for you.

If you would like the In-Store pickup option please click here to send us an email. (This will open your email client)

Or you can send us an email through our Contact Us page located here. (No need to have an email client you can send us a message through our website)

2. Question: What does [AAA - Best Quality] Mean?

These are the highest quality we sell in our retail store and online. They are like new in appearance and will feel and play as a new ball would. There are no scuffs or path marks. They have a consistent color and a glossy shine.

There are no X-Outs or Practice Balls. These balls may include team or corporate logo balls and/or minor player pen marking. We like to call them “One Hit Wonders” golf balls as it was most likely lost after the first swing.

3. Question: What does [AA - Better Quality] Mean?

These are the second highest quality we sell in our retail store and online. Good condition with 3-4 dimples of slight cosmetic blemish or minor imperfection. They will include team or corporate logo balls and/or player pen marking. These balls are similar to a ball that has been played for 9 or more holes. The shine and color of the balls may slightly vary, but the integrity of the flight characteristic is not compromised at all.

These balls are slightly cosmetically challenged but have no cuts or creases. None of the surface marks or slight blemishes will affect the trajectory, distance or flight path of the ball. These balls may have discoloration, a small scuff or a path mark. There will be larger player markings. They may also include Logo Balls, X-Outs or Practice Balls.

4. Question: What does [A - Good Quality] Mean?

These are the third highest quality we sell in our retail store and online. Looks worn and discolored, with most having scuffs or blemishes. Color variation may be evident and may vary in intensity ball to ball. Moderate sized personal markings or visible scuffs from trees or cart paths may also be evident.

They may also include Logo Balls, X-Outs or Practice Balls and will look similar to a ball that was played for 18 holes.

A cut ball is considered unplayable. If GoGoGolfballs.com deems that the scuff or scratch is too large or if it tears into the cover of the ball, it will not qualify for any of our grades.

5. What is the difference between a used golf ball and a new one?

You want to know why a used golf ball is as good as a new golf ball but better because its cheaper? Read This!! We are not the only ones who think used golf ball is a great golf ball :)

Cheap is good. In fact, lower-price golf balls are not just a whole lot better than they used to be, they may be as good for your game as the priciest of balls. That's because the difference in performance between golf balls that cost $35 or more a dozen and those that retail for $25 or less can be much less than the price tags suggest. Nowadays, lower price is not necessarily an indication of lower performance, especially if you're a golfer of average skill.

6. What is your policy on Returns?

We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction!! If you are not happy with your order let us know and we will work something out with you. If you ordered golf balls and were not happy with them because they ended up in the water or lost in the woods, SORRRY, we can not help you unless you find them and return them in the same condition we sent them to you in :)

Click here to go to our Return Policy page.

7. Driving Directions to the - Golf Ball Outlet and Fireworks Mega Store - Retail Location

We are located less than 30 miles West of Hilton Head, South Carolina on Highway 278, which is the main road into Hilton Head from I-95.

If you are driving, we are seconds off of I-95 at Exit 8 in Hardeeville, South Carolina. We are located west of I-95 on the Southwest Corner of Highway 278 & I-95.

If you are flying into Savannah-Hilton Head International we are about 17 miles north of the airport off of I-95.

We are less than 20 miles North of Savannah off of Highway 17. From Savannah, take Highway 17 North, go under I-95, follow North until you come to Independence Blvd. / Red Dam Road / Highway 278, make a right (head east), we are on the right (south) before you get to the intersection of I-95 & Highway 278.

Highway 278 & I-95 Exit 8
132 Independence Boulevard
Hardeeville, SC 29927

1-866-288-GOLF (1-866-288-4653)
Phone: 843-784-5040
Fax: 843-784-5025