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Welcome to the GolfBall Outlet and Fireworks Mega Store Website

The GOLF BALL OUTLET AND FIREWORKS MEGA STORE has been in the business of providing fun and value to our customers for over 20 years. Unlike any retail store we are aware of, The GOLF BALL OUTLET AND FIREWORKS MEGA STORE, combines the fun, excitement and beauty of fireworks with the value of quality experienced golf balls.

We invite you to our retail store located in Hardeeville, SC at Exit 8, I-95 and Hwy. 278 where we offer an extensive line of Fireworks from World Class, Black Cat, Cherry Bomb, Brother, TNT and more. Or, if you prefer, visit our retail or e-store to purchase your golf balls and golfing accessories.


We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and hope you visit us often.

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